iSchool Connect™ is a proprietary suite of apps facilitating teacher and student interaction. The suite currently consists of four areas: assignments, quizzes, collaboration, and communication. Each area is covered by a separate but connected app: iAssignments™, iQuiz™, iWiki™, and iNotify™.


iAssignments is iSchool Campus’ innovative application — specifically developed and designed to increase teacher and student efficiency by making traditional assignments paperless. Incorporating native WebDAV protocols, iAssignments allows teachers to digitally assign files to their students. Students receive the assignments in a concise, organized list. Students then submit their completed assignments to the teacher for grading. Workflow is handled through a simple touch interface and becomes completely seamless.


iQuiz incorporates three different portions of in-class test taking; quiz creation/editing, quiz proctoring, and results analysis. iQuiz allows a teacher to create quizzes with different question types (e.g. multiple choice, true and false, short answer, and essay forms) and wirelessly proctor the quiz to a classroom of mobile devices, receiving real-time analytics while the quiz or test is in progress. Students have access to a notes/sketch pad and is also able to receive real-time feedback informing them of their grade.


iWiki works in conjunction with the iSchool platform to provide a clean user interface to facilitate group collaboration. With iWiki, student groups and teachers interact through a social media-like touch interface to collaborate, share, and complete group assignments and team projects. With a focus on group collaboration and group learning, the app allows easy sharing through ongoing posts, comments, as real-time revisions are made on shared project files.


iNotify is a messaging system to bring the power of real-time, instant messaging to students and educators. Administrators have the ability to message all users at the school sending out announcements or schedule changes. Teachers can remind students of upcoming assignments and tests or engage a student without distracting the other students. Many students are embarrassed about asking questions in front of a whole class, with iNotify a student can ask a question quietly. To protect both students and staff, iNotify is able to be monitored by the administration.