iSchool Campus engages and empowers students with 24/7 access to technology and information, consistent with the way today’s students intuitively explore the world — and the way tomorrow’s leaders will run it.

The Most Advanced Education Technology in the World

iSchool Campus empowers education by providing the most cutting-edge turnkey solutions available — from powerful hardware that provides one-to-one tablet deployment in a SmartSchool environment, where hundreds and even thousands of users can access high-density digital content simultaneously, to proprietary software that gives teachers total control of their classrooms and provides real-time interactivity on assignments, exams and even communicating with parents.

The Perfect Solution

The revolution in education technology can be as confusing as it is intimidating.  iSchool Campus understands and offers whole-school integration of technology to create SmartSchools in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.  iSchool Campus offers a broad range of solutions from one-to-one deployment of the latest Apple iPads in classrooms wired with proprietary channel-blanket technology, seventy-inch HD flat screen televisions, and surround sound audio — to individualized customized solutions that work cross-platform, and allow students to bring their own devices.  Whatever the need iSchool Campus has the solution.