Educators, administrators and government officials across the country are buzzing about the SmartSchool learning environment and the profound impact it is having on students and teachers alike.

“The iSchool Campus deployment has generated enormous enthusiasm among teachers, parents and students in our school. Our students are extremely passionate about this program, and have already begun to facilitate individual learning and to collaborate in unique and creative ways. We feel students do best when they are engaged in the learning process, and SmartSchool technology definitely brings that concept to life.”

– Jarod Sites, Principal, Dixon Middle School (Provo, Utah)

“The technology that has been deployed in our school by iSchool Campus has dramatically increased student engagement and participation.  It gives us the ability to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of individual students who can now learn at their own pace.  We encourage the Idaho Legislature  to allocate funding for additional technology pilot programs in our State.”

– Colleen Johnson, Principal, Paul Elementary School (Paul, Idaho)

“By combining our best teachers with the best technology, students win. When students finish school and go on to get jobs, they will have to be more tech- savvy and innovative than any previous generation in history.”

– Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah

“We need to break the old mold we’re using to teach our children. We need our kids to be able to access the world of possibilities around them in a way that makes sense to them, and in ways in which they excel; the SmartSchool approach provides that. Not only will our students have what they need, but teachers will be provided with additional tools and resources to engage students in the learning process. It is only when students, teachers and parents move forward together that we see amazing things happen. Utahns know how to work hard. This will be a way for us to work smarter.”

– Becky Lockhart, Speaker of the House, Utah Legislature

“The most important thing we do as leaders of the state of Idaho is to give the next generation the best chance to succeed. The students at Paul Elementary will help make Idaho one of the most competitive places in the world.  This technology is the conduit or the tool to help our students to be successful in the future.”

– Brad Little, Lieutenant Governor of Idaho

“As a teacher I have found that students are excited about learning and engaged in real-life application of skills. Students have a sense of ownership in their learning because they have the freedom to explore new concepts, express their creativity, and expand their imagination through technology. No longer are students sitting passively, waiting for one student to answer, instead, they each have their own device, actively engaged in learning. Time on task increases, resulting in enhanced comprehension of the lesson at hand.”

– Ashley Johnson, 5th Grade Teacher, Paul Elementary