There is no more advanced education system in the world. Our SmartSchool system offers a learning environment with mobile devices for each student, high-speed internet access, secure wired and wireless networks, interactive and collaborative educational software, classroom management and analytical tools, professional development, and ongoing support. iSchool Campus makes engaged learning available anywhere, anytime, across various mobile-device platforms, empowering students to learn in ways most native to their abilities.

iSchool Campus gives teachers complete control of their classrooms, total engagement with their students, and access to a world of knowledge, apps, data, lessons and methodologies. Learning for SmartSchool students extends well beyond the traditional school day, providing access to information, lessons, assignments, individual student progress and customized assistance – anytime, anywhere. iSchool Campus SmartSchools create seamless integration between school and home, as well as convenience and peace of minds for parents.

Each iSchool deployment is custom-designed to fit the individual school’s needs.

Step 1:
After an initial site survey, we present the school with a specification sheet, including the description and quantity of each component to be installed.

Step 2:
The equipment list is approved by the school administration, and all equipment is acquired and installed.

Step 3:
Once the installation and configuration is complete, iSchool technical staff trains an on-site technical officer (school employee) to manage the system. We also train teachers and other staff members to access content and effectively incorporate the technology into their classrooms.

Step 4:
The on-site technical officer is given access to central management resources and ongoing  troubleshooting support at iSchool headquarters.

iSchool Campus develops and fields the most advanced education technology in the world along with professional development and universal support. The total iSchool Campus SmartSchool systems includes:

Powerful and Secure Wired and Wireless Network Solutions

Using branded channel blanket technology, iSchool Campus creates a wireless platform that performs confidently in the most demanding environments, allowing thousands of students and teachers to access high-density digital content at the same time without slowing or disrupting the system.

Audio/Visual Components

iSchool Campus amplifies the teacher’s presence, beginning with surround sound audio and a comfortable wireless microphone, as well as an HD flatscreen monitor or projector — all blended into state-of-the-art communications in each classroom, lab, or other collaborative space.

Internet Security and Filtering

Student’s safety comes first at iSchool Campus with internet security and filtering that create a digital walled garden, allowing students and teachers access to resources from a universe of information and interactive materials while safeguarding them from inappropriate materials and intrusions. In addition, iSchool Campus technology monitors and records user activity on every tablet, computer, or smart phone locked on its system, no matter where in the world the student, teacher, or administrator might be.

Software Suite of Classroom Management Tools

iSchool Campus’ proprietary, cross-platform classroom management tools assist educators to create and manage the flow of assignments, proctoring of quizzes, sending student notifications and reminders, as well as facilitating collaborative assignments. In addition, analytical software and apps allow educators to determine learning proficiencies and customize curricula, lessons, and interactive resources specific to the individual student.

Support Systems

You are never alone with iSchool Campus. Teachers, administrators, students, and parents receive professional and personal development services. Ongoing technical support provides 24/7 online and telephone support.

Comprehensive upfront and ongoing professional development for teachers, IT administrators, and other school personnel covers the use and functionality of technology, classroom management techniques, software training, accessing and using online resources, app identification, device management and usage.

iSchool Bundle Finance Solution

iSchool Campus even provides financial assistance with affordable monthly payments. Cost can be pre-paid, paid partially upfront, or broken down on a per-student basis with equal monthly payments made over the school’s twelve-month budgeting cycle.