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Crocker Ventures Invests $2 Million in iSchool Campus

Innovative ‘Smart School’ Provider Focuses on Whole-School, One-to-One Deployment of Educational Tools for the Classroom. Investment Designed to Help Transform Classroom Environment, Prepare 21st-Century U.S. Workforce

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (November 28th, 2012) —

iSchool Campus today announced that Crocker Ventures has provided a lead investment of $2 million in a board-approved $4 million Series A funding round. Founded in early 2011, iSchool Campus enhances K-12 student engagement and learning by providing a complete “Smart School” system that integrates one-to-one mobile devices, such as the iPad, and a variety of other technology-based teaching tools across an entire school.

The iSchool Campus technology operates seamlessly across a whole school through a high-speed wireless network configured by the company. iSchool Campus’ current deployment within each school includes one-to-one iPads for each student and teacher, an iMac Lab, Macbook Pros for each teacher, HD TVs, a remote audio system, classroom management software, and ongoing professional development. Through the iSchool Campus classroom interface, teachers can deliver and monitor dynamic curriculum, quizzes, tests and other educational apps to each student’s iPad, which enables students to learn the curriculum on an engaging and results-driven platform.

iSchool Campus has deployed its “smart school” system in eight U.S. states, including Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas and Utah.

“With its tremendous mix of proprietary technology, a teacher- and student-friendly format, and a highly effective leadership team, iSchool Campus is in a position to fundamentally transform the classroom environment and impact teaching and learning dynamics for millions of teachers and students,” said Gary Crocker, president and managing director of Crocker Ventures. “Our team was particularly impressed with the totally seamless, integrated student-teacher experience provided by the easily implemented and intuitive iSchool Campus hardware and software platform. Many state government officials regard the system as a practical yet revolutionary solution to our public school challenges. We are delighted to help the company’s dynamic approach reach every child in thousands of schools across the nation.”

Other unique elements of the iSchool Campus technology include iSchool Support, a professional development program that provides comprehensive training and certifications for teachers, IT administrators and other key school staff; and a robust security and filtering system that permits student access and download capability on approved learning sites, even when students take their computers outside the school’s campus.

“We are excited that Gary Crocker and the Crocker Ventures team have decided to provide this investment,” said William Nixon, chairman and CEO of iSchool Campus. “Gary provides far more than capital; he is a visionary investor with a deep commitment to making a positive difference in the world. His support and influence will enable iSchool Campus to empower teachers and engage students everywhere in new and exciting ways, to better prepare a highly motivated 21st Century workforce for today’s rapidly evolving, competitive global marketplace.”

About iSchool Campus, LLC

iSchool Campus is a next generation Smart School provider, with offices in Utah and Washington D.C., that focuses on the individual student while empowering the inspiring teacher. iSchool designs and builds collaborative whole-school learning environments and integrates them with 21st century technology to promote innovation and foster imagination in the classroom. iSchool is committed to being ahead of the curve and at the cutting edge of learning technology and educator support. To learn more, visit

About Crocker Ventures

Crocker Ventures ( is an independent, privately-held investment firm that funds promising seed- and early-stage companies in life sciences, IT, education and other high-impact fields of endeavor. Founder and president Gary Crocker has had a highly productive career that spans more than three decades, founding multiple successful medical device and biopharma companies, investing in a host of promising young companies, and providing crucial support for many educational and community-based programs that improve lives and drive economic development. Crocker Ventures is committed to identifying companies with strong intellectual property positions and significant growth potential that meet large, unmet market needs, and providing them with the capital and operating perspective they need to reach their full potential.

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